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 (South Carolina Medical Malpractice Association)

At the request of the South Carolina Department of Insurance and with broad industry support, the South Carolina Legislature passed House Bill H 3760 during this past legislative session. This bill will consolidate the South Carolina Patients Compensation Fund (PCF) with the South Carolina Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Association (JUA). The new organization will be The South Carolina Medical Malpractice Association (The Association). This merger will create a stronger more streamlined organization that will continue to provide the personalized service you are accustomed to.

You will continue to receive separate bills from both the PCF and JUA throughout the rest of 2019; the renewal process has not changed. Beginning with policy renewals effective January 1, 2020 you will receive one bill reflecting both the JUA limits and your PCF limits combined into a single policy written by the new Association. Your JUA team will remain in place to provide your service and support and we are excited about the simplification that comes with the combining of the two organizations.

The JUA and PCF were created to serve the healthcare providers of this state and will continue to keep this as our primary focus. We feel these changes will stabilize the Association and streamline operations going forward while we continue to provide the service you have grown accustomed to. The legislation calls for additional changes in future years and we will keep you informed as they are implemented. Please visit our website for future updates as well, WWW.SCMMA.NET.

We are excited about the future of the Association and as always will be committed to providing all of our insureds the best service in the industry.

John P. Evans, M.D., Chairman of the Board Timothy J. Ward, Program Manager






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A Word About Claims-made and Occurrance Coverage

There are two types of coverages available in medical professional liability insurance: Claims-made and Occurrence. Your clear understanding of both types of coverage is essential to making a fully informed decision on which type of coverage to buy. Some carriers offer only Claims-made. Others offer both, but may limit access to Occurrence coverage to a few medical specialties. Subject to underwriting approval, both Occurrence and Claims-made coverages are available to all eligible individual insureds through the MMA.

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