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Do I have to pay my entire premium at one time or can I pay in installments?

The MMA offers a premium payment plan that allows insureds to spread premium payments over an entire year in quarterly installments. The initial payment is due upon renewal or the policy effective day, with subsequent payments due at the beginning of each succeeding quarter.

If I choose to make payments, will I be billed every month?

No, the MMA payment plan is a quarterly plan. The first payment is 40% of the annual premium. The unpaid balance is divided equally across three successive quarters. You will receive payment invoices about 30 days before each installment payment is due.

Is there a fee associated with paying my account on the payment plan?

Yes, a 6% administrative fee is applied to the amount being paid over time. The fee is billed in the first payment, and is non-refundable.

Whom should I make my check payable to?

Make your premium payments payable to: The SC Medical Malpractice Association.

Where do I mail my payment?

Payments by check should be mailed to:
SC Medical Malpractice Association
Lock Box 932523
Atlanta, Georgia 31193-2523

Can I pay my premium by credit card or electronic check?

Yes. Visit the MMA Payment Center at Payments can be processed by both credit card and electronic check. Online payments to the MMA are made through the SC.GOV payment portal. Your credit card and bank statements will reflect a payment to SC.GOV.  Insureds paying by credit card will also be billed for a 1.7% merchant fee, and a $1.00 portal fee per transaction. Electronic Check payments do not incur merchant fees, but the portal fee is $2.50 per transaction. Merchant and portal fees are non-refundable.

When is my premium payment due?

Lump sum premium payments for renewing policies are due on or before the policy renewal date.

Insureds utilizing the MMA payment plan will be billed quarterly for installment payments. Installment payments are due by the due date specified on the invoice. No grace period is allowed on installment payments. Insureds with unpaid installment invoices will receive a notice of cancellation for non-payment of premium.

I switched to a Claims-made policy last year. Why did my premiums go up this year?

Claims-made policy premiums are calculated using a “step factor” for the first five years. Premiums start at their lowest level in the first year and increase each year for five years until the “mature rate” is achieved.

Occurrence policy premiums do not increase with a “step factor” because the coverage is significantly different from Claims-made. Please refer to other information on this website, or call the MMA underwriting team for a more detailed explanation of the differences between Claims-made and Occurrence coverage.

I have to cancel my MMA Claims-made policy and I am not retiring. What do I need to do to get a quote for “tail coverage”?

If you cancel your MMA Claims-made policy, the MMA will automatically send an extending reporting, or “tail coverage,” quote to you at the address on file for your account. You will have 30 days to accept or decline the coverage.

What are my options for paying for “tail coverage”?

Payment of the full premium is due within 30 days of the issuance of the quote. You can pay online via the MMA website using either a credit card or electronic check, or you can pay by paper check and regular mail. The MMA does not have a payment plan established for the “tail coverage” premium.

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