Locum Tenens Coverage

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Locum Tenens Coverage

The MMA offers Locum Tenens coverage for temporary substitutes who are filling in for you during vacations, illnesses or other short-term absences. This coverage is available to all South Carolina MMA-insureds. There is no charge for Locum Tenens coverage.

If you are a South Carolina MMA-insured, your policy provides up to 45 days of coverage for duly licensed substitute health care providers working on your behalf per annual policy period. Each time you are planning an absence that will require a Locum Tenens physician substitute, you will need to notify the MMA by submitting a completed Locum Tenens Coverage Request Form.

If you need an extension beyond the 45-day limit, you may request such an extension by submitting your request in writing to our office.

If you are a substitute medical provider and NOT currently insured by the MMA, you must submit a completed Locum Tenens Underwriting Application, a 10 year loss history and National Practitioner Databank Report to the MMA for approval before coverage will be extended.

You may obtain a loss history report by requesting one from your current or past insurance carrier or by contacting the National Practitioner Data Bank at 800.767.6732 or www.npdb-hipdb.hrsa.gov.

Once we receive your complete application, we will make every effort to let you know whether or not you are eligible for Locum Tenens coverage within 48 hours. If you are eligible, your approved application will be in effect for one year.

Always contact the MMA DIRECTLY for support and assistance related to Locum Tenens coverage.

Contact Us

We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you have regardless of your current insurance provider. For time sensitive requests, please contact a MMA colleague directly.  The MMA cannot bind or alter coverage based on instructions received through our Contact Us form.

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