Renew a Policy

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Renew a Policy

Managing policy renewal is an important step in the process of maintaining continuous and appropriate medical professional liability insurance coverage. Insureds should re-evaluate their practices and services prior to renewal. Have new procedures been added? Have providers come or gone? Are there other changes that merit revisiting limits, or the type of coverage you carry?

Practice Entity and Health Care Facility Renewal

Practice Entities and Health Care Facilities are required to submit a renewal application each year. The entity renewal application is available in our resource center.

Individual Policy Renewal

Individual insureds receive renewal quotes based on their expiring policies. Typically, a renewal application is not required for individual insureds.

To discuss changes in your practice, plans to retire, revision of limits or for information on other coverage options and endorsements, please call or contact the MMA underwriting team. We are here to support and assist you in every way possible.

Contact Us

We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you have regardless of your current insurance provider. For time sensitive requests, please contact a MMA colleague directly.  The MMA cannot bind or alter coverage based on instructions received through our Contact Us form.

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