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Entity Shared Limits

The JUA Shared Limits Endorsement allows the insured to reduce premium expenses by dropping his stand alone practice entity policy, and adding the entity to his personal policy. Under the shared limits endorsement the insured shares his limits with the practice entity. He does not share his limits with all the other doctors in the practice, but with the practice corporate entity itself.

If the insured and the practice are named in a suit, the insured’s policy would respond to defend both. If only the practice is named, the insured’s policy will respond to defend the practice.

Some insureds use the money saved by dropping the practice policy to buy higher personal limits when adding the shared limits endorsement. Call or contact the JUA Underwriting Department for more personal guidance on this coverage option.

A Shared Limits Endorsement Request is available for download HERE.

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SCJUA is always there to provide information for our providers and administrators. Whenever we call they are always available and willing to help.

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My experience with the JUA has been very positive. I have observed a close informational sharing relationship between the JUA, their clients and defense attorneys. The JUA has been fair and reasonable in deciding which cases to bring to trial.



The JUA worked extremely hard on our behalf to find a professional liability insurance solution that gave us the coverage we needed at a price that we could afford. We truly felt that they had our best interests in mind throughout the process.

Practice Manager


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