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What our clients are saying

Here are comments from leading physicians, practice managers, attorneys and brokers who know us well. Each has a different personal perspective, but each speaks to the level of expertise that comes with the South Carolina MMA. Each of them trusts the South Carolina MMA, now more than ever. If you have a personal story of your own to share, we would love to hear from you!

Insureds and Practice managers

“We have 2 sites, 17 miles apart, and have been working with JUA since 2002 to ensure the Clinic volunteers are maximally protected while keeping in mind the limited ability we, as a non-profit, have to fund every need. Free Clinics can be a challenge for the staff as well as our partners such as the JUA and I have always been impressed with the professional approach to our needs and our plights. They have always been flexible in their attitudes while keeping us up to speed with today’s legal environment. I know we have the very best malpractice package at the lowest possible cost for this organization.”
– Executive Director, Free Medical Clinic, Midlands Area

“SCJUA is always there to provide information for our providers and administrators. Whenever we call they are always available and willing to help.”
– Practice Manager, Georgetown

“My experience with the JUA has been very positive. I have observed a close informational sharing relationship between the JUA, their clients and defense attorneys. The JUA has been fair and reasonable in deciding which cases to bring to trial.”
– Physician, Charleston

“The JUA worked extremely hard on our behalf to find a professional liability insurance solution that gave us the coverage we needed at a price that we could afford. We truly felt that they had our best interests in mind throughout the process.”
– Practice Manager, Greenwood

“I am a Practice Manager from Anderson and can assure anyone that the JUA employs the most helpful and professional personnel that you could ever wish for. They helped our practice through the most difficult time when my physician employer had to go on disability due to cancer. I could not have handled the tragedy without the help of certain people with the JUA.
– Practice Manager, Anderson

“I am a retired physician from Anderson and many years ago had to go through a malpractice suit that went to trial. The JUA sent an attorney from Greenville immediately and gave me the assurance and strength to face the upcoming days before the court case. I have never in my life seen such a dedicated person that stood by me through the tragic ordeal. The outcome was totally successful as it should have been and I was totally exonerated from any negligence. I will never forget the faithfulness of that attorney and the JUA.
– Physician, Upstate Area

“The JUA team has some of the most attentive professional individuals I have dealt with. They truly value their clients.
– Practice Manager, Myrtle Beach

“As one of the largest physician practices in South Carolina our need to maximize our malpractice resources is paramount. We have worked with the JUA for over twenty years on an individual and group practice level. Our experience with the JUA provides us with a complete understanding of the market, and their coverage has always been our best liability protection.”
– CEO, Large Physician Practice, Columbia Area

“I have practiced medicine in South Carolina for 20 years and have always utilized the JUA to provide my liability coverage. The staff of the JUA organization is always helpful, responsive, and thorough in providing support. I have been impressed by my ability to contact any resource the JUA has at its disposal including the attorney staff to clarify or resolve an issue for me.

“There are other resources for liability coverage available but the JUA is an organization that exemplifies the qualities of a service-based industry. I have not brought an issue to the JUA for assistance that was not managed to my satisfaction. I have been indirectly involved with malpractice actions and was very impressed by the attitude, diligence, and dedication of the attorneys involved with the cases.”
– Managing Physician, ER Practice, Coastal Area

“I have worked with JUA for 30 years and would never consider using another insurer. Their responses to me, my concerns and my questions, have always been timely, appropriate, and correct. I could not have hoped for better than they have provided.”
– Managing Physician, ER Practice, Lowcountry

“The JUA team has some of the most attentive professional individuals I have dealt with. They truly value their clients.”
– Practice Manager, Multi-Specialty Practice Group, Myrtle Beach Area

“The JUA team is very knowledgeable in the area of malpractice coverage but more importantly, they know how best to apply it to unique situations within our organization. We are also very satisfied with their selection of attorneys and feel that we have been well represented.”
– CFO Multi-Specialty Practice Group, Coastal Area

“We have dealt with many companies for various products and services over the past 20+ years of doing business and changed many of them but one we haven’t and probably never will is the JUA. When you ask for advice, you know you have heard from the experts and can trust their response. They are one of the few companies I know that values their clients more than their bottom line. They will actually show you how to save money instead of spending more.”
– Practice Manager, Pediatric Practice, Coastal Area

“I have practiced medicine in South Carolina for 13 years and our group has been insured with the JUA for that same time. Working in a high-risk specialty, our group has required the services of the JUA on several occasions. The JUA has always been prompt, professional and dedicated to our physicians while remaining respectful of the plaintiff families. They are also very cognizant of the cost of liability insurance and work diligently to provide new products that help minimize our personal exposure and increase our coverage while remaining cost neutral. We have seen cheaper rates out there, but ultimately, no others have been able to replicate the value provided to us by the JUA.”
– Managing Physician Emergency Department, Midlands Area

“I appreciate the full support that I received in the defense of a threatened malpractice suit. I felt extremely confident because of the enormous legal resources that JUA/PCF engaged in my defense. I felt that you took a personal interest in obtaining a successful resolution of this matter. I came to realize through our interaction that you were just as interested as I was in defending my reputation from this unmerited legal threat. In a legal environment where lawsuits are considered just the price of being in business, I was pleased that you were committed to completely defend my actions without considering a compromise settlement, as you believed that the complaints were without merit. Your resources of medical experts who review these cases encouraged me to understand that legal action is often threatened against physicians, even when the medical facts do not support such actions. As a physician who had never faced a legal threat, this type of support was important in handling the emotional trauma that these threats can cause. I was confident that the legal team you contracted to represent me was superior to the plaintiff’s firm in interest, energy, resources, and ability. I am certain that the aggressive stance that you and the legal team took with the plaintiff’s attorney made it clear that this issue was viewed as a case to be won, in court if necessary, without compromise. In fact, I’m sure that the suit was never filed because the plaintiff’s attorney realized that the JUA/PCF was so committed to my defense. Although I’ve been insured with JUA/PCF for years, I never imagined that I would need your services. Now that I have gone through this experience, I am grateful that I had you on my side.”
– Primary Care Physician, Charleston Area

“I have found the staff of the JUA organization to be outstanding. I have had to request information from this company for 10 years and know without a doubt that when I send out my requests that it will come back in a timely manner. A great company with great people. Thanks for your wonderful service.”
– Medical Staff Coordinator, Florence

Defense Attorneys

“As a defense attorney, I have had the pleasure of going to battle with the JUA. I have found that having worked with many insurance companies, the Joint Underwriting Association and PCF have always placed their insureds first. There is no question in my mind that if the fight is worth fighting, they stand shoulder to shoulder with their insureds to the end.”
– JUA Defense Attorney, Charleston Area

“As an attorney who devotes almost all my time to the defense of medical professionals, I can honestly say that a doctor, nurse, or hospital has no better friend than the South Carolina Joint Underwriting Association. From top to bottom, the men and women who work for the JUA truly care about their clients and will stop at nothing to make sure that their interests are protected and that all claims are defended vigorously. When called upon to go into court to battle on behalf of a medical client, I love knowing that the JUA is at my side and has my back.”
– JUA Defense Attorney, Columbia

“The South Carolina Joint Underwriting Association offers superior claims and risk management practices. Each and every claims professional at the SC JUA is extremely competent, professional, and knowledgeable and always working toward the ultimate goal of protecting the interests of insured medical providers. I have had the pleasure of representing JUA insureds for many years and have never once observed or been privy to any information that would even suggest that a claims decision was made which was not in good faith, and believed to be in the best interest of an insured.”
– JUA Defense Attorney, Florence

agents and brokers

“My experience with the JUA has always been a positive one, and believe me, I can’t always say that! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and has always been helpful when I call or send an email. They always respond to me in a timely manner, which is very important to me as an agent.”
– Agent, Florence

“I mean what I say! Every last one of you is so helpful even if I call about something that the person I call doesn’t handle—now, THAT is customer care! Thanks!”
– Agent, North Charleston

“I love working with everyone at SC JUA. Each person is always willing to help in any way whether it is a loss history report or helping me to find the best coverage solution for special customer circumstances. They make it so easy to service my customers—just pick up the phone or shoot an email and it gets done! Best customer service in the state!”
– Agent, North Charleston

“The folks at SCJUA are always very patient when answering my knuckleheaded questions! They are quick to return phone calls and very professional to deal with. The JUA has always been very patient with my questions and I greatly appreciate that! I’d recommend them to anyone that works in their market.”
– Agent, Columbia

I have worked with the JUA for about 10 years now and they have proven to be great to work with! I had a really hard case to work and the JUA underwriter went way over the call of duty to be sure that our mutual client was satisfied! The JUA is incredible to work with!”
– Agent, Spartanburg

“I operate a small agency in the Myrtle Beach area. For the insureds I represent, the JUA offers the best terms at the most competitive prices. They provide excellent customer service. The claims department is professional, responsive and utilizes the best attorneys in the area. I would not hesitate to recommend the JUA.”
– Agent, Murrells Inlet

“We have proudly represented the SC JUA since its inception. The service provided by the staff is exceptional and our doctor clients have always been very satisfied. In our opinion the SC JUA offers a plan that the medical community of South Carolina is extremely fortunate to have available. Having an occurrence based plan available is beyond the norm and one of the main reasons why we wouldn’t consider anything else for our clients. Thanks for thinking of us!”
– Agent, Charleston Area

“For the past twenty-four years I have been proud to place Medical Professional Liability Insurance policies with the South Carolina Joint Underwriting Association (SCJUA). For many of the twenty-four years, and continuing into the present our underwriter, Samantha G. Day (Sam), has been an invaluable source of knowledge and help when a difficult account needed to be placed or a difficult question needed an unequivocal answer. All insurance entities could serve their agents and brokers more efficiently by emulating the SCJUA and Samantha G. Day.

“I am looking forward to continuing to place medically related accounts with the SCJUA, with the very professional help of Sam Day.”
 Agent, Columbia Area

“The staff at the JUA is always very helpful, if you should have a question. The direct bill process is great.”
– Agent, Charleston Area

“The JUA specializes in giving Physicians in SC good options to meet their needs, and are dependable, professional, dependable, and committed.
– Agent, Aiken Area

“JUA has developed a highly skilled and knowledgeable underwriting team. Their ability to respond to service requests along with proactive product design and marketing is second to none in the medical mal market.”
– Agent, Rock Hill

“As a Broker, I have had the opportunity to work with JUA for many years and can truthfully say that it has been a most pleasurable experience. The entire JUA team is very professional and they are always ready to assist in any way possible. They work diligently to enable us to provide our clients with timely quotes and a very valuable product, at a competitive price. Most importantly, JUA strives to do what is best for the insured, to make certain they are properly protected from loss. I would certainly recommend that any Doctor or Medical Professional take a look at JUA—see what they can do for you!”
– Agent, Florence

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